How to unlock iPhone 6 iCloud locked

The iPhone 6 is one of those devices that are difficult to forget, without discussion any iPhone revolutionized sales in 2014 with this Smartphone, becoming the best-selling mobile device by this company. Just like you there are many people looking for How to unlock iPhone 6 iCloud locked 2019, and as many have come across this website, hoping to find a positive solution.

We will not disappoint you, we want to introduce you three alternatives that will help you unlocking iPhone 6 iCloud lock. You should know that the thirdmethod works without the need to have the Apple iD of your device. It is a software that you can access by connecting to computer network servers free.

Bypass iCloud iPhone 6 with computer 

With the arrival of the iPhone 6 the apple company, took a step further to the evolution of smarphone, this model was characterized by having a premium design, with materials that stand out with the naked eye, a camera of 8 megapixels. But the most innovative was the incorporation of the Touch iD which is to use the fingerprint to be able to unlock the screen of the iPhone 6, in addition to fulfilling other functions.

Bypass iCloud iPhone 6 2019 is a must for those who suffer from having iCloud Account locked. Spending hours in front of a computer looking for How to unlock iPhone 6 iCloud locked, has become the mission of many.

We’re going to talk about 3 ways to unlock iPhone 6 iCloud locked, the first two are very basic, but the third is a tool that has caused a lot of controversy, first because it’s free, and secondly because it works on all versions of iOS, and on many models of iPhone.

Unlock iCloud iPhone 6 Using iTunes 2019

How to unlock iPhone 6 iCloud locked using iTunes. If you’ve already synced your Apple phone with your computer using the famous Apple Home program, what you need to do first is take your smartphone and connect it to a USB port on your computer using the cable connected to your device’s sales package.

Now wait for the iTunes window to appear on the screen, and then wait a few moments for the device sync process to start and complete. Then press the iPhone icon you see at the top left of the program window, press the Summary tab on the left and press the Reset iPhone button on the right. Then accept the iOS terms of use by first clicking Reset/Restore and Update, then press Next, and then press OK.

How to unlock iPhone 6 iCloud locked

iTunes will download the latest version of iOS available for your device. After a few minutes (the duration of the process depends on the speed of your Internet connection) a message will appear warning you that the iPhone has been restored to factory state.

Later, you’ll need to select the option displayed on your Apple phone screen, whether to set your device as a new iPhone, or restore from data, apps, and settings from a previous backup. If you have a backup of your device I suggest, of course, that you opt for the first solution, otherwise you will have to configure the device as a new iPhone.

Unlock or remove iCloud iPhone 6 with the Find My iPhone service

How to unlock iPhone 6 iCloud locked
Sign in with Apple iD

Another option for iPhone 6 is to take advantage of Find My iPhone, the special anti-theft solution available on all iDevices. Clearly, in order to unlock the disabled iPhone using Find My iPhone, it is essential that the feature has been previously activated on the device on which it will be operated.

How to unlock iPhone 6 iCloud locked using the Find My iPhone service the first thing you need to do to unlock your iPhone using Find My iPhone is to enter the platform from a computer, tablet, or any other smartphone that has a connection to Internet active and running. Connect to the iCloud website and sign in to the service by entering the username and password associated with your Apple ID.

Press find my iPhone



If this is your first time connecting to the service, set the language and time zone, and then press the Save button.

To do this, press the Find My iPhone icon, if prompted, retype your Apple ID password, and then press Sign In. You’ll then be shown a map showing the geographic location of your iPhone and any other Apple devices you have.

Continue selecting All Devices at the top of the web page that appears, and then select the name of your iPhone.

After this your iPhone will be immediately restored to factory state and on the iCloud web page you will see a message that the iPhone has been initialized and that the process of locking the disabled iPhone has been successful.

Then you’ll have to decide, selecting the appropriate option shown on the Apple phone screen, if you set up your device as a new iPhone.

How to unlock iPhone 6 iCloud locked with software Account X Remove 2019 Online

📥Download software from the official website📥

We have reached the main point of this post, we can say that is what all this information is focused on. The above methods are known to many people and you could say that in the case of an iCloud Lock these are the first two options that are taken into account, when they see that you don’t work they start looking for other methods, like the one we’re going to describe below N.

Account X Remove is a free tool, and differs from the previous options in that it achieves unlock iPhone 6 iCloud locked, without affecting at all the fact that it does not have the password of the Apple iD and without sim card.

This method was recommended by a person who visits this website very counting, and both search How to unlock iPhone 6 iCloud locked, and after testing its excellent performance, as the tutorial demonstrates, he wanted to share his experience and suggested that the let’s recommend people like you, which haven’t reached remove iCloud iPhone 6.

To enjoy the benefits of the software, you’ll need to connect to the computer network servers.

Look at the tutorial and discover for yourself how this tool works, and not only works on iPhone 6 it also works for Bypass iCloud iPhone 6 Plus, and its other variants like the iPhone 6s and its larger version iPhone 6s Plus and other models of these Smartphones.

Another factor we can’t forget is that the iOS oS version is not a problem to worry about.

We’ve mentioned three options of How to unlock iPhone 6 iCloud locked. Although the third method is without a doubt the most complete, for many reasons, but the main one is that it works without password.

You can write to us and tell us how you did with each of these methods.