Remove and Bypass iCloud activation lock

Is it possible Remove and Bypass iCloud activation lock? This is a question that haunts many people when you have an iPhone or iPad with Activation Lock and do not have the Apple iD password. From the outset we are pleased to tell you that you can unlock iCloud locked using Xactivator Managed remove software.

Latest Update of Xactivator Managed Remove (Removing iCloud lock)

Among many of the advantages of this software is that you will get iCloud locked unlocking on all operating system versions, such as iOS 13, and other previous versions. Later you will receive more information about this amazing tool.

The download of the tool is done by means of a dedicated server host to which you can connect for free.

Is it possible bypass and remove iCloud activation? is one of the companies that has been most interested in the security of its users, that is why they constantly update the operating system of their devices, among which are iPhone and iPad. Many people see it as an interesting factor to be able to have their information protected, in case of being victims of a theft, or simply the loss of their Smartphone, and for that reason they decide to acquire an iPhone.

The round question is this possible bypass and remove iCloud activation iPhone 2020? Considering the great effort that Apple makes to improve its security system.

If you saw the video at the beginning of this article you will notice that the answer is IF ICLOUD UNLOCKER IS POSSIBLE! Xactivator Managed tool is a method that makes unlocking iCloud without password possible.

Unlock and remove iCloud activation With Xactivator Managed

For remove and bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone or iPad 2020 the first thing is to access the Xactivator Managed Server program, but you also need a stable connection to the network, this does not need to be very fast just by staying active is sufficient.

Remove and Bypass iCloud activation lock
Xactivator Managed

You can use a computer with Windows, Mac or Linux system, sometimes it is possible that the download file is in Winrar format but you only have to unzip it and you are done.

As it is obvious it is essential to use a Usb cable, this in order to connect the iDevice with the Xactivator Managed tool. If you follow the steps indicated in the video tutorial the program will work perfectly and without any impediment.

How to Remove and Bypass iCloud activation lock in any iPhone model

At first this software was tested Remove and Bypass iCloud activation lock iPhone 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus and the results were good, then it was the turn with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and did not disappoint as with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. And in its last update got Delete iCloud account on iPhone X, Xr and Xs Max which had iOS 13.3

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With more obsolete iOS operating system versions like iOS 12, 11, 10, 9,  and 8, xactivator Managed software showed a very outstanding job.

Downloading Free Xactivator Managed 2020

If you want to start remove and bypass iCloud activation lock from your Apple device, you’ll need to download the software by connecting to dedicated host server afterwards you only have to choose if you want to download it for Mac, Windows or Linux.

This iCloud unlock program is the most complete you can find today. It is true that there are other alternatives but this is the most accurate option that you can take and not only because it is free, but also because it is easy to use and is updated every time a new version of iOS comes out.

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